A Game of Changing Roles and Changing Fates!
The Wizard
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The Wizard Always Wins…but the question is, WHO is the true Wizard? Round by exciting round, players jockey for new roles –from the Trader and the Oracle to the Apprentice and more. Each of the seven roles offers different abilities that are useful for leveling up your power. Yet only the player who is the true Wizard will pull their own gem from the Bag of Fate and claim victory!

The Wizard Always Wins Board Game Contents
What's In The Box

60 Element Cards, 7 Character Tiles, 5 Level Dials, 5 Turn Markers, 1 Game Board, 40 Gem Tokens, 25 Element Tokens, 3 Add-A-Gem Tokens, 3 Level-uUp Tokens, 1 Bag of Fate, 5 Reference Cards, Instructions

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